Edifice. Speed and Intelligence, Advanced Technology, Dynamic Design

The striking appearance of EDIFICE is created by blending a dynamic form and intricately detailed watch face. Edifice features a vast array of functions and controls realized through advanced technology that runs the uniquely designed watch hands and disk dials. Multifunctional chronographs that evolve through the power of electronics.

Edifice Technology and Features

A Core Technology Operating Multiple Functions Freely. Developed to add multi-functionality to the analogue watch, this original CASIO operating system makes it possible to assign multiple functions to a single hand. Use of an LSI for independent control of several motors operating the individual hands has facilitated display of various functions, such as stopwatches and World Time, and enabled the use of inset dials and indicators to give the multi-function watch highly expressive mode display powers.

Tough Solar. CASIO’s original solar-charging system converts not only sunlight but also light from fluorescent lamps and other sources into power. Generates ample power for smooth operation of various power-hungry functions, including time calibration signal reception, 5-motor operation, alarms, sensors and backlights. Continues operating for approximately two years* on a full charge, even in unlighted locations. *with power saving on. Time differs with the model and usage conditions. Generates sufficient electric power to keep on charging, even with limited light from cloudy skies or indoor fluorescent lighting.

SMART ACCESS. Electronic crown switches and multi-motor construction together enable functions and smooth display switching that are CASIO's unique analogue system. The electronic crown switches enable intuitive operation in a wide range of functions. Smooth switching of the various displays is achieved by a drive mechanism including an optimized number of motors.

WAVE CEPTOR. Self-correction based on high-sensitivity reception of time-calibration signals from six transmission stations worldwide. Receives time-calibration signals transmitted over wide areas from stations in Japan, the Unites States, the United Kingdom, Germany and China and corrects the displayed time automatically.

EDIFICE × Infiniti Red Bull Racing PARTNERSHIP. Infiniti Red Bull Racing has been competing in Formula OneTM Championship races since 2005. By winning the World Championship four times consecutively, Infiniti Red Bull Racing has demonstrated first-class ability and results.