G-SHOCK. ABSOLUTE TOUGHNESS. A 10-year battery life, 10-bar water resistance and 10-meter dropping shock resistance. These were the three requirements of the “Triple 10” concept that led to development G-SHOCK's shock-resistant structure. The rugged shape and robust styling originated with an engineer's brief calling for an "unbreakable watch".

Since its birth in 1983, G-SHOCK has continued its unrestrained evolution while retaining its unique basic structure. Today, G-SHOCK continues to take up challenges beyond the limits of time and common sense.

G-Shock Technology and Features.

TRIPLE G RESIST. This innovation, further toughened G-SHOCK structure. It resists dropping shocks, centrifugal gravity and vibrations. Persistently advancing its evolution, G-SHOCK has broken through yet another boundary in the realm of toughness. CASIO’s proprietary G-SHOCK structure absorbs and repels strong shocks and vibrations. This core G-SHOCK technology continues its perpetual evolution.

GPS HYBRID WAVE CEPTOR. GPS satellite radio wave reception + Terrestrial radio wave reception. Two mutually complementary systems, GPS satellite signal reception and terrestrial (Multi Band 6) time-calibration signal reception, are mounted in a shock-resistant structure. Prompt analysis of current time and Daylight Saving Time data enables GRAVITYMASTER to display of the correct time all the time, anywhere in the world.

WAVE CEPTOR. Self-correction based on high-sensitivity reception of time-calibration signals from six transmission stations worldwide. Receives time-calibration signals transmitted over wide areas from stations in Japan, the Unites States, the United Kingdom, Germany and China and corrects the displayed time automatically.

SMART ACCESS. Electronic crown switches and multi-motor construction together enable functions and smooth display switching that are CASIO's unique analogue system. Simple operation of the electronic crown structure makes actions such as World Time city selection and alarm setting even easier. A quick-lock function that facilitates easy locking or release with a 60° click rotation is installed to prevent mistaken operation due to shocks or other events. Temperature measurement function employing the hour, minute and second hands as indicators World Time with prompt UTC display 1/20-second stopwatch with fly-back function.

200-METER WATER RESISTANCE. A standard by every G-SHOCK, this capability enables users to wear their watch during water-related activities ranging from washing dishes or washing the car to swimming, skin-diving and jet skiing.