global knife


GLOBAL Knives are well known around the world as one of the best kitchen knives. It has however taken two decades to achieve the present fame that GLOBAL kitchen knives now enjoy for the home or in the professional kitchen.

Each Global Knife features an elegant design (modern and distinctive image), excellent cutting performance (sharp thin blade and durability) as well as a clean and easy after-care (one-piece stainless steel, hygienic).

From humble beginnings, Global have developed into one of the cutlery industry’s outstanding success stories. Globals unique range of handmade knives are now sold in more than 50 countries where their unique style and fine quality continue to attract attention and acclaim.

In recent years Global knives have been the recipient of a number of prestigious awards including Best Knife by WHICH magazine in the UK and Sharpest Knife by A LA CARTE magazine in Germany.

Whilst formal awards can enhance the reputation of a product, they are but one measure of its appeal. The real success of Global Knives is due to the many thousands of customers around the world who have made Global Knives their first choice.

Today Global Knives are favoured by some of the top chefs in the worlds most prestigious restaurants. They also regularly feature on TV in the hands of many cooking personalities.

From a modest start, the Global Knives range has grown to comprise nearly 50 specialised knives. You can be sure that there is a blade shape to suit any food preparation task that you can imagine.