maxum watches

maxum watches

Designed in Australia for the tough Australian conditions Maxum is built to deliver with quality watches engineered to embrace the Aussie beach culture and surf lifestyle.

Inspired by the sun, the beach and the surf, Maxum is designed for the active lifestyle.

About Maxum

Offering an unparalleled 5 year limited warranty, Maxum combines function, form and fashion, stainless steel construction and 100 metre water resistance on all Core and Digital product and 200 metre water resistance on all Waverider product making it perfect for the water sport enthusiast.

You paddle out and watch as the wave begins to take shape. It speaks to you without saying a word, but its form is all you need to understand your next move. That incomparable feeling you get when you take on the challenge makes it worth the early mornings, cold toes and hard falls. Maxum watches Australia understands how the shape of a wave can inspire a surfer, and bring that inspiration into their designs.

Combining function, form and fashion, Maxum designs sports watches that are perfect for anyone that loves the feeling of freedom that surfing brings. Built to stand up to extreme conditions while still offering the sleek, stylish form you love, Maxum Australia is redefining the modern approach to designing and manufacturing surf watches for men and women.

Maxum watches are Australia’s perfect choice for quality, style and selection. Every detail that goes into our products is matched against our high standards for performance to ensure that our men’s and women’s sports & surf offer only the best.

Team Maxum supports the local surf scene by sponsoring some of the leading national and up and coming surfers including Richie Vas, Mark Mathews, Stephanie Single, Keely Andrew, Kelly Norris and Tori Levett.