Citizen Promaster



Combine leading edge technology and precision engineering with unique functionality and the result is Promaster – the world's leading sports timepiece collection.

Citizen PROMASTER Collection

The Citizen Promaster collection is further divided in 3 distinct categories. Promaster Air watches, Promaster Land watches and Promaster Sea watches.

A world leader in developing timepieces for sports enthusiasts and professionals, the Promaster collection covers all sporting needs. Our proven track record for precision and reliability, no matter how unforgiving the conditions, can be found in models specifically designed for use on land, in the ocean or in the sky.

PROMASTER AIR. Citizen Promaster Air takes reliability and precision to new heights with a combination of highly intelligent technology and extraordinary engineering. In fact, Promaster's performance, action and functions provide aviation enthusiasts and professionals with a sense of confidence and control no matter how unforgiving the circumstances.

PROMASTER LAND. Master your sport with Promaster Land. Engineered as essential wrist technology for peak performance, Promaster is designed to assist high achievers reach their potential.

PROMASTER SEA. When venturing into the deep, reliable equipment is essential. Promaster Sea is designed and engineered to provide total confidence to those seeking the underwater experience.