RM Williams Watch


RM Williams. More than just boots.

The R.M.Williams Company was founded and established in 1932 by Australian legend, Reginald Murray RM Williams AO, CMG.

R.M. Williams History and Watches

With boots sales to this first unknown buyer and cattle king, Sir Sidney Kidman, RM Williams set up the beginnings of his first factory in an iron woolshed behind his father's house at 5 Percy St, Prospect.

With no capital and little help, he built up a team of dedicated craftsmen and took out advertisements in the rural press that asked customers for cash with their orders, his mail order boot service and an iconic Australian company were born.

Over the following decades, RM developed his business, diversifying into bush saddlery and equipment and the company's trademark moleskins, jeans, bush shirts and a collection of classic watch styles that are now stocked not just in the RM Williams stores but by jewellers in both the country and the city.

RM Williams classic watches are carefully crafted to the highest horological standards and offer a variety of custom designed pieces to suit both men and women.

Today, R.M.Williams exports to 15 countries, has more than 50 retail stores in Australia and a store in London. In addition, R.M.Williams is available at more than 900 stockists around the globe.