SCANPAN A/S is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of non-stick products and for more than five decades the company has produced Danish kitchenware of the highest quality and durability.

With deep roots in traditional craftsmanship, we create functional and timeless tools for modern kitchens, from households to professional kitchens. Our brand is constantly evolving and we can proudly say that we are always at the forefront of innovation and technology.

Scanpan History and Features.

Good cookware must be functional. It has to feel good in the hand, offer excellent cooking properties and be easy to clean. Proper handling extends the lifespan of good cookware.

Since the beginning in 1956, Scanpans cast aluminium products with patented ceramic titanium coating have made up the core of the business. This is why Scanpan cast all their non-stick products in their own factory in Denmark – with each product going through a rigourous production and testing process to ensure 100% quality.

Scanpan say ‘Our brand is in constant development, and we are proud to say that we lead the way in innovation and technology. Since 1956, our cast aluminium products with patented ceramic titanium non-stick coating have made up the core of our business’.

While the brand's success was initially founded on its non-stick pressure cast aluminium pots and pans, Scanpan has grown in over 50 years to include a range of high-grade bakeware, knives and accessories. In its commitment to superior quality, Scanpan stands behind all of its products with a lifetime guarantee.

Since 1956, Scanpan has earned worldwide recognition for its advanced, innovative cookware manufactured using environment-friendly processes.