TW STEEL. Dutch by design, big in attitude and peerless in class, we’re the new school for time. Unashamed to be different and taking strength from size, we’ve carved a new timeline in the watch market since our arrival in 2005.

Coming on strong from the outset we sidestepped the traditional path and continue to break new ground in untested territory today. Steel has run through the very architecture of our design from the first timepiece, creating form and function with Swiss quality standard.

TW Steel. The Brand.

We make no apologies for resisting the norm and neither do those who choose to stand tall and wear our time. There’s an art to being bold with style, it takes confidence and character to stand alone…it’s not a watch, it’s a statement.

Make no mistake, our brand is loaded. It takes weight to make an impression so the signature steel elemental construction and expressive designs project strength and presence from the wrist. The uniquely crafted timepieces are the brainchild of Ton Cobelens, a creative force who continues to guide the shaping of every new model.

As Ton Cobelens is our creative force, so his son Jordy Cobelens is our driving force, ensuring our impact is global. The combined experience and sharp thinking of the two are reflected in everything we make and do, a determined, double dynamic of creativity and enterprising business sense.

We have a global reach. Wherever you are in the world we’re not far away with a timepiece that matches your attitude without denting your wallet.

Time doesn't rest and neither do we; our innovative design is in perpetual motion, keeping us one step ahead of the pack. We are TW Steel.